Keeping your feet warm and stylish this winter

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s slushy and there is salt all over the sidewalks. It’s not the ideal time to wear my shoe of choice, the slip-on, so what’s a guy to do??

I don’t care what anyone says… these are not coming back… at least not in my house. They should stay in the 90s where they belong.
I added a new winter boot to my collection this year. The most loved boot by women everywhere- the UGG. I won’t lie I’ve owned UGGs over the years. But I never felt they were “appropriate” to wear out. I used them to walk the dog and do stuff around the house. But my UGGs never left my property line. However, UGG has really diversified their men’s line. The have a more classic boot style for men as well as a whole variety of options. This is the option that caught my eye and made it into my closet. I love walking the dog and getting dirty in them, but I’m also liking the way they look with a pair of denim while I’m out and about. I sprayed mine with some scotch guard to protect them and its working great!

UGG – Classic Mini Tweed


If you like the UGG look and really want to go big, check these out by Christian Louboutin. For the record, I’m not sure how I feel about these yet.

Christian Louboutin Naza spikes men’s flat black leather boot

I’m also a big high top sneaker fan. Winter can be difficult to find a time to wear the nice kicks out. For example, I struggle with wearing my Saint Laurent suede kicks out in a snowstorm for obvious reasons. I take care of my shoes. I like to treat them like part of my family. When I get a new pair they are welcomed into my home and introduced to other family members and given a special place in which they will reside. They stay in their special spot until it’s time to strap them on and hit the road.  After an exciting day out with my kicks they will be swiftly returned to their home and wiped clean. The point of this story is this. There is no way in hell my YSL sneakers are coming outside in the winter. OK… where was I… so Gucci makes some cool options. These are from their new collection. In my mind – You spray them with a winter protector and there you have it… your winter sneakers.

Gucci – A luxe interpretation of a rugged style in soft suede and leather with a patterned padded back

These other Gucci boots are sweet as well. Less maintenance with the majority of the boot being leather. An easy wipe down which is a bonus.

Gucci Leather, Suede & Rabbit Fur Lace-Up Boots

This boots are to die for by Chanel. Not sure if they would handle getting dirty well, but sometimes, who cares.
IMG_2247 IMG_2248

Speaking of the classic boot. I recently picked up a pair of Thursday Boots. A really new company who launched in October 2014. Their boots are made with high quality material without the high price tag attached. I purchased this pair and have enjoyed using them this snowy winter. Very durable with a classic style.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.59.15 PM
Thursday Boot – Brown President Boot


I’ve been trying to find some positives to living in the bitter cold this winter. This may be one. A good opportunity to spruce up your winter shoe game with some of these fun options. Most of these boots will look great even after the snow melts.

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  1. love this article… these shoes and boots are all amazing ..and love the thursday boot …looks like a good investment piece..stylish but timeless..

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