4 Trends for Spring/Summer…

I’ve got great news for lots of us! The winter season is finally coming to an end, hallelujah!  Time to hang up our heavy sweaters, parkas, and boots. It’s been a long and cold winter for so many of us and it time to break out some new outfits. I want to focus this post on four pieces I will be wearing lots of in the coming months; Henleys, distressed denim, slip-on shoes, and jogger style pants and jeans. Lets take a look at each and see if we can come up with some style inspiration.

1. The henley – by definition, it’s a casual top with a scoop neck and a short row of buttons in the center of the neckline. Although the definition might say the henley is casual, I have found multiple uses for this piece in my wardrobe. I love wearing this top with jeans and a pair of slip-ons for a nice casual look. But it’s also a great piece to dress up. For example, your headed to a nice dinner and plan on wearing a jacket (blazer). Instead of wearing the typical button down shirt, you can make the outfit edgier by wearing a henley.

Here are the dressier looks

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Here are some some more casual looks

zip-sweater-and-henley-shirt-and-crew-neck-t-shirt-and-belt-and-jeans-and-beanie-large-1538 hzhgaywf83gs38sy blue-fur-collar-coat-tobacco-boots-light-blue-jeans-white-henley-shirt-original-6645

Some of my favorite brands for henleys are;

2. Distressed denim – my favorite trend in fashion right now. Everything from rips, paint splatters and patches I can’t get enough. I’m obsessed. I prefer these pants to be fitted/slim style as they give the pant a cleaner look. You can wear distressed denim with everything from slip-ons to high-tops and even dress shoes It just depends how crazy you go with your denim. Here are a couple looks I like.

Kanye West takes care of Business 503564663_bottfull1 Dsquared2-Fall-Winter-2015-Milan-Fashion-Week-024

Some of my favorite denim companies

3. Slip-on shoes – my go to footwear for warmer weather. New styles are making these shoes better and better! Some things to keep in mind. Your pants should be tapered, but not too much. Don’t want to show too much skin. Never wear socks. To avoid stink, get these.

Here are a couple of my favorite slip-ons right now (the list could go on forever… I will do a post dedicated to them later…)

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen
screen shot 2013-08-19 at 4.49.43 pm
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent
Christian Louboutin
Bottega Veneta

4. Jogger style pants – The best way I can describe this style is a slim fit, tapered pant with a cuffed bottom. Last year there were only a handful of designer who were making this style of pant. Now almost every designer has added this pant to their collection. My first pair were from Michael Kors, they were black and looked dressy. However, with the cuffed bottom it gave the pant a really cool and different look. From then on, I’ve been hooked. The best part about these pants is the variations they come in. Everything from sweatpants, khaki, and denim. They are super easy to wear and very comfortable. You can wear these with everything already in your closet. Lets look at some styles.

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Some of my favorite jogger styles

NSF Clothing http://nsfclothing.com/

GoodhYOUman http://www.goodhyouman.com/

Cotton Citizen http://www.ronherman.com/

True Religion www.truereligion.com

ENTREE LIFESTYLE – http://www.entreelifestyle.com

I’m hoping I’ve inspired some thought into what you may be wearing in the coming months. The designers I recommended in this post are all designers I wear and own their stuff, so if you have any questions let me know. I can’t wait for long sun filled days to arrive and get these outfits out of my closet. Of course, they will have to fight with my favorite summer duds, my golf outfit. FORE!

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