NSF Clothing (Best New Menswear Designer 2015) in my outfit today


NSF Clothing – Tee http://nsfclothing.com/

Rag & Bone – quilted shirt http://www.rag-bone.com/

Chanel – Shoes

Diesel – Denim http://www.diesel.com/

Hermes – Belt kit http://www.hermes.com/index-ca-en.html

Zadig & Voltaire – Toque – http://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com/

NSF Clothing is one of my absolute favorite brands right now. There pieces are so unique and cool I can’t seem to get enough of what they have to offer. A big congratulations to the brand who was just announced as one of the Best New Menswear Designers in the America 2015 – by GQ.

Nick (1 of the 2 owners) says about him and his partner Jamie –  “Jamie and I are both super vintage enthusiasts,” he says. “And I always look for those pieces that are sun-faded or paint-spattered or there’s a hole in it. There’s a life and a soul and a softness to it.”

As part of winning this award with GQ they will collaborate with GAP for a collection. One of last years winners was John Elliot + co and I loved the collection they did with GAP. I love this quote from the article – “We’re not ever gonna water down our product so we can sell it to anyone and everyone. It’s always going to be cool and small and crafted. Not everybody wants a holey T-shirt. I get it.”

Can’t wait to see more from NSF Clothing – For the full GQ articicle here ya go http://www.gq.com/style/best-new-menswear-designers-in-america/2015/nsf

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.42.58 PM

More pics from my look today…







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