Rock My Socks – brand review

Rock My Socks is a Australian company who offer stylish mens socks that feature great designs and colorful patterns. Trust me… these aren’t your regular plain ole’ socks. The guys at Rock My Socks are doing a really great job producing a well made sock that allows us men to be more creative with our feet.


I was recently sent some socks to check them out for myself. There is no question these socks are perfect with my style. Great colors and patters and the socks look like a party for your feet. I like nothing more then having fun with what I wear and having a sock option like this just creates more versatility for me.


The true test is how they feel on your feet. Let me tell you, these fashion savvy Aussies know what they are doing. At Rock My Socks they use highly durable combed cotton, which is strong, soft and designed to last longer and feel more comfortable on your feet. But the best part… they add just a touch of nylon to make sure the socks stay up where they are supposed to. There is nothing more annoying then a “droopy” sock you have to pull up all day.

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I’m wearing a lot of high-tops at the moment and I love the pop of color these socks add when you see them coming out the top of the shoe.

Rock My Socks perfect with my Louis Vuitton spring high-tops

Don’t wear boring socks anymore.. let Rock My Socks brighten your day one foot at a time. Their website is fantastic and has loads of choices. Express your individuality with the great colors available at Rock My Socks. Let the guys at Rock my Socks inspire your style today. Check them out at

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