Fear of God – about the brand and more…

Yesterday outfit was one of my favorites. I was super inspired and I wanted to share some more about the brand “Fear of God”. Hope you enjoy as much as I did learning about them…

Fear of God – Flannel – Balmain – denim – Christian Louboutin – shoes – Ferragamo – belt

There is no doubt Fear of God is one of the biggest emerging brands in the fashion world today. Their clothes can be seen on some of the biggest celebrities and “trendsetters”.  Including Kayne West, the Kardashions and David Beckham. But maybe more impressive, his line is being carried on the floors of Barneys.

Here is a little bit more about the brand…

Jerry Lorenzo in GQ – “Fear of God” founder

Fear of God creator/designer/founders name is Jerry Lorenzo. His father was a professional baseball player. He attributes many of his influences from traveling as much as he did as a kid with his family. He does have many religious themes throughout his 3 collections. His other themes include inspiration from the 80s and 90s skinhead and grunge culture. He describes his first collection to GQ…”For me, living in Los Angeles. I miss wearing my overcoats in Chicago and miss being able to layer the way I did. So in the first collection, we did hoodies but with short-sleeves, Al Foley-inspired crewnecks. Now, we’ve taken it a step further. I love how woman wear them short-sleeved overcoats, very Celine-type overcoats that almost look like robes. I love how you can have the short arm and then a layering piece underneath it. I thought it would be dope to flip that in a really masculine way.”
The brand has taken off in a large way with praise from Kayne West giving the brand a big push in the right direction. Fear of Gods modern take on layering and their silhouettes seem to really resonate with young customers. Lorenzo calls these customers “the fear generation”#thefeargeneration. Lorenzo has released 3 collections. He doesn’t release collections in traditional seasonal ways. Simply when they are “ready”.

Jerry Lorenzo answering a GQ question regarding where his elongated silhouettes and layering came from, said “Every piece in the collection seems like it demands another layer to make the whole look come together. When I leave the house, I want to be comfortable and chic, but appropriate. Maybe I’m going to the gym, or maybe I have a lunch meeting, but I want to be appropriate for either one of those things. Layering kind of helps to give a silhouette that makes what you’re wearing more than just shorts and a T-shirt.  It says to people, ‘Yeah, he obviously cares how he looks, but doesn’t actually care’. This is California, where people have mastered the art of looking like they don’t care. But all of my biggest style inspirations like John Bender and Kurt Cobain looked like they didn’t really care. And so much about fashion isn’t even about the clothes, it’s about the person. The models I used for this lookbook, the same models I’ve used for all three seasons, I feel like I could have shot the photos just of their eyes and faces and I would have been able to get the same message across. A lot of what makes something cool is about the person, and something that looks good on someone really dope isn’t going to look good on everyone. The hard part is translating that to clothing in a way that won’t make people do exactly what you’re not trying to do.”
This brand is definitely on my list to watch. I’m obsessed with the long wool coat with short arms… such a cool piece. I’m already looking forward to seeing whats next. The demand for the stuff seems extremely high. On my most recent visit to Barneys in LA, only 1 item was remaining. Their online store is virtually sold out!

Here is some more pics of me wearing my “Fear of God” shirt


And of course here are some celebrities representing

Swizz Beats rocking the “Fear of God Flannel
Lebron James – wearing “Fear of God” tee in GQ
Gavin Rosdale in a flannel
Even the women are getting into it – Kendal Jenner in the Flannel
Kayne West wearing the coat I’m obsessed with…
More Kayne


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  1. Nice article man and really liked the outfit when I saw it on your Insta. I didn’t see it had a zip, and this is a bit extreme for me which is a shame but everything else is on point! Keep it up my man!

  2. Great article! Love that you give your readers a back story on the brands you feature. Great photos!

  3. not just a flannel shirt …the zipper makes an ordinary flannel shirt ultimately stylish and takes it to a new level..very cool..

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