Why a fashion blog… 1 year later

WOW… I can hardly believe it’s been a  year since I starting my “Trendstepper” social media accounts. My journey began as a hobby and developed into something I’m becoming very proud of.  I’ve learned a ton about social media, fashion ,and most importantly, myself.  I thought it was about time to circle back and answer the question that first caused me to create this blog. Why would anyone want to read what I think about fashion and what qualifies me to write a blog? Well… I’m going to at least try and answer what I know up to this point. This post may not be for everyone… so I’m giving you a chance now… quit now or don’t blame me if you don’t like what you read.  No… seriously, my post last week has some killer ideas for fall.

As I look back, getting started was actually kind of a funny story. I began my Instagram as an anonymous way to post fashion pictures and hear what people had to say about my style and choices. I didn’t tell any of my friends or family. I wanted this to be an outlet to have some fun with people who I didn’t already have relationships with and see what they thought of my fashion sense, as a growing passion.  A couple months in, I found myself engaged in this new world. Not just the fashion, I was really enjoying learning about social media and it was becoming a strong marketing tool for advertisers.

Back to getting started; I was, and still do today, take all my own pictures. The daily posts can take an amateur photographer like myself a great deal of time. I also discovered networking was going to be an important tool in growing my account.  There was a lot more to this then just taking a cool picture. After all, my last name is not Kardashian and I was going to have to give people a reason to want to follow me.  Thus, my challenge began, me vs. Instagram. My @trendstepper account was becoming a full time job without even knowing it. That’s when I decided… I had to either “make the time” or decide that my run was up and I should hang up the iphone.

Well… one year later and I’m still hear, so I guess that answers that. At this time last year I had about  8K followers on Instagram. I now have over 75K.  I’ve launched this fun blog your currently enjoying in February.  I began promoting brands through both my Instagram and blog.  I won a couple of contests and have received loads of clothing and accessories.  I even started making some of my own tees.  I’m really enjoying this I’ve realized. In fact, I’m proud if it.

My loyal supporter and best friend


I have really enjoyed building relationships with both people and brands through my account. I’ve met some fantastic people and have had a lot of fun working with my clients. Hey, not everyone is nice… I read those comments.  In my first blog post I explained this would be a learning experience for me.   I’m not pretending to know everything about mens fashion.  In fact, I admit I don’t.  I wanted to create a platform in which people, including myself, can learn and share together.  I’ve received some of the nicest messages from followers.  The positive reinforcement has been very special. Knowing what I’m doing is inspiring others is a pretty cool feeling.  When it comes to the clients I’ve worked with, the experiences have been great.  Some clients are just launching their companies and using social media to market the products and other well known brands have been utilizing social media for some time.  My background in marketing and sales has really helped me in this area.  No matter who I’m working with I want the campaign they run on my account to be a success.  I’ve learned to ask questions and make sure each client is a good fit for my account and my followers.  Happy clients means repeat business.  A little sales 101 for ya.  Of course there are also my followers, for which if I didn’t have, none of this would be possible.  Interacting and learning from them has been a lot of fun.  Helping people locate that specific item or helping them with a size issues with brands.  I have found that part particularly rewarding. I love reading all the feedback, direct messages and emails and I do my absolute best to try and get back to everyone.

My style over the past year has definitely evolved.  I’m feeling much more comfortable in what I like and what I don’t like.

Feel like my style is an accurate expression of how I’m feeling on the inside.


Don’t confuse that statement with me thinking I’ve got this whole fashion thing figured out… far from. I’m not sure you ever find your style, I think your style is something that transitions with you throughout your life. Hold on…I kind of confused myself writing that – what I mean is – If I was wearing a suit to work every day, I’m sure my style would currently be different. While life takes you on many different paths, I’m sure your style will reflect those paths. As long as your style is accurately expressing who you are “today”, I think you must be doing something right.

I'm not sure what path this was... in 2006 doing my best N'Sync look with the frosted tips. Also, loving the gold jewelry.
I’m not sure what path this was… in 2006 doing my best N’Sync look with the frosted tips. Also, loving the gold jewelry (bad path, i guess?)

If I’ve still lost you, don’t worry about it… basically what I’m trying to say is I’m still learning and educating myself about fashion everyday. I’m becoming  more aware of styles I like and which of these styles works best for me.  As a brilliant woman (my wife) recently said, “you can like all sorts of styles, it doesn’t mean they look good on everyone (me, i assume she meant)”.

In my personal life, things are crazy. My little boy turned 1 about a month ago. It was pretty much the best day of my life.  I’m so lucky to be fortunate enough to spend so much time with the little guy. We are working on his fashion style… but he’s more into being filthy 24/7.  So, with 5 outfit changes a day, it can be tough. But he rocks his Air Jordan’s and Converse kicks like a champ.

Just about a month old here with his Converse kicks and mom.
Just about a month old here with his Converse kicks and mom.
Me and my little buddy spending some time at the family cottage
Me and my little buddy spending some time at the family cottage – just before his b-day.

My wonderful wife, the bravest person I know, is headed back to upgrade some of her education and will be doing so in California.  So the family is moving for 2 years in September.  Off to LA we go.  Big exciting changes.  My favorite quote right now, “You know your doing something right when you’re feeling uncomfortable”.  I sure hope that quote rings true as I’m awfully “uncomfortable”right now.  Missing friends, family and the life we created “here”, will be a huge adjustment. We are lucky to have so much support from the people who love us.

I guess I never really figured out what qualifies me to write about fashion. However, I’m hoping my honesty about myself and my path into fashion is reason enough. I’m so appreciative of all the people taking the time to follow my journey on both my Blog and my Instagram. I love what I’m doing right now and it’s pretty to cool to be able to call it work. I’m hoping the next year in a new exciting place brings more opportunities, but I know I’m the only person who is going to make those opportunities happen.  So get ready… here i come.

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  1. wonderful journey …what you do everyday on this blog is fascinating and i love looking at what will be featured each day. .. LA will be exciting and a great experience..bon voyage

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