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If you’re tired of overpriced boots or ones that fall apart after just a couple wears, you are not alone. So were the founders of Thursday Boots. A company born from frustration. Thursday Boots was founded in 2014 by Connor Wilson and Nolan Walsh in New York City. They crushed their goal on kickstarter and launched the first collection in late 2014.

Thursday Boots Company creates modern classics at affordable prices. Choosing to invest in quality, these boots have some unique qualities such as corkbed midsoles that conform to your foot, low-profile studded rubber outsoles, and premium flat wax laces – result in a super premium quality boot that is suitable in the boardroom or barroom.


Natural President Boot



Recently, Thursday Boots launched the black label collection. A collection for the boot enthusiast, these boots are extra special. Each boot is hand crafted and extremely limited. A certification comes with every pair and they are numbered. Once these boots sell out, they will never be reproduced. Only the best and rarest cuts of leather are used on these one of a kind boots.

Vanguard in Olive


Ok… so let me break it down. I’ve got a pair of the president boots from the regular  collection and a pair of the vanguard from the black label collection. I love the presidents.They treated me extremely well throughout the winter last year. They kept me dry, stylish and I was very impressed. I recently got the black label vanguards. These babies are sweet. When I un-boxed them I was blown away by the packaging. I really felt like these boots were extra special. The certification of authenticity, the wrapping, and just the overall presentation made me know I was getting something unique. The boots themselves… the leather is incredibly soft and the attention to detail is exceptional. I’m really looking forward to getting my new babies dirty.


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Thursday Boots



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