What does layering even mean?

It seems to be what everyone is talking about… layer this and layer that, and that is great for layering. Are we all just nodding are heads because we don’t want to look like the only person not in the know. Lets break it down. What is layering and how do we do it properly.

Layers are pieces of clothing worn on top of each other. Thats the simple answer. How to make layers cool you ask? For me, its all in the colours you choose and the length of the layers. Let me elaborate. Let use a solid black hoodie as the example. Picking the right colours to layer under the hoodie is a good place to start. Because the hoodie is black you can get a little more creative. A striped tee (longer then the hoodie) would work. Earthy tones would work well with black also. Also any solid white or grey tee would give the hoodie a nice pop of colour. It’s most certainly a little chilly here in North America, so the next choice will most likely be a coat. The 2 most popular picks for me are the bomber (short in length) or the 3/4 length over coat. In this example we have created 3 different lengths in what we would be wearing on top.

Jerry Lorenzo layering with a grey undershirt under a black sweater and going with a 3/4 length coat.
Me going the opposite route. Wearing a white sweatshirt, contrasting with a black longer tee, then a short bomber coat.

I’m a huge fan of Jerry Lorenzo and his Fear of God clothing line. He recently launched his forth collection and modelled some of the new stuff. Have a look and get some great layering inspiration.


Another thing I love about Fear of God is the way the pants contrast to whats going on with your upper half. The upper half tends to be busy with layers and colours. The bottom half can be kept simple by making sure to keep your pants slim. Jerry makes the opening so slim on his pants there is a zipper to get you in and out (doesn’t hurt that the zipper looks sick).

Some Kayne inspiration as well…


Have fun with your layers whether using them to keep warm or just look fresh. #layerup


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