My Guide to ‘sorta’ dressing up (part #3)

Shoes are my favorite part of most outfits to be honest. A good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right pair for our ‘sorta’ dressing up look. I always like the idea of having some fun with my footwear, so here are a couple great option.


Common Projects || Shop on Revolve


Common Projects – Rec Shoe || Shop on Revolve 



Vans Braided Suede Slip-on || Shop exclusively online at VANS

louis-vuitton-baseball-sneaker-shoes--B9BU1PPC01_PM2_Front view

Louis Vuitton – Baseball Sneaker || Shop on Louis Vuitton


Christian Louboutin – Louis Men’s Flat – Shop on Christian Louboutin


Bottega Veneta – Desert Boot in Ardoise Suede – Shop on Bottega

That’s is for my guide to ‘sorta’ dressing up. I hope you gained some inspiration for those times you need to get a little more polished look. I think the goal of these posts were to show that even when the occasion called for you to dress up, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress like yourself. These outfit choices maintain a style I feel comfortable wearing while feeling like I can eat in any restaurant, with anyone.


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