Watching out for MVMT Watches 

Redefining the watch world, MVMT Watches has been making waves since June 2013. Not willing to compromise on quality, the young entrepreneurs at MVMT watches direct to consumer business model has allowed them to keep their watches at an affordable price point. Designed in Southern California, the sleek minimalist design with Japanese Miyota quartz movements are great for both a casual or business style look. I took a tour at MVMT headquarters last week and got a sneak peek for myself. (save money on your next purchase below)

Chrono Gun Metal/Sandstone Leather
The 40 – Rose Gold/Natural Leather

I got the opportunity to chat with both co-founders Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante on my visit last week. Besides the fact that both of these guys were super nice, it was very apparent, these young entrepreneurs have worked extremely hard at growing MVMT watches in to the company it is today. They’ve used a unique approach to grow their company organically and through digital media. MVMT watches have been trailblazers in this digital media style of growth and have thrived in a very saturated watch market.

On my way to MVMT headquarters

With both co-owners in their mid 20’s, they’re really developing a watch to fit their demographic. Men in their 20’s and early 30’s looking for a quality watch without a monster price-tag.The offices at MVMT are meant to encourage creativity, hard work, and obviously some fun in between. I should have asked if they were hiring 😉

A creative place to work
Picking out my new favorites

The bread a butter of MVMT Watches has always been sales directed through their website, essentially cutting out the middle man and saving the consumer cash. However, MVMT has been carried in retailers including Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

MVMT recently launched a woman’s line of watches. I saw some of the upcoming samples and looks like some great new stuff for woman in the works.

Womans || Gold Pearl Leather

The 40 series was the most recent series launched for men. With a much smaller 40mm face is has been extremely popular.

The 40 – Silver/Brown Leather

MVMT watches is definitely a brand to keep your eyes on. I’m excited to see whats next!







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