AMIRI – collection preview at Maxfield LA

Last nights pre-ESPY awards affair at Maxfield in Los Angeles was fantastic. A party at my favorite store, how could it not be! The night was hosted my New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. And fashion designer Mike Amiri. The music, food and overall vibes made for a super fun and chill night out. Great to see such a huge turnout and so much support for AMIRI.

By far, the most exciting part for me was to get a look at the new collections from AMIRI. The pieces for fall 2016 looked killer! Definitely the highlights for me were the 2 shearling jackets, the blue and black denim.

Also – New for AMIRI – footwear! This was my first opportunity to see his boots and they truly took my breath away. Stack boot brown were my favs.

No question the denim is going to be great again for fall and I love the shotgun sweatshirt. Been wearing mine nonstop.

Also – for the first time. AMIRI does womans wear. I know my wife was in LOVE with so much of the stuff for fall. Including the bombers and sweatshirts were amongst here favorites.

We also got to preview spring 2017. AMIRI added a lot of colors to then men’s line. More patterns and some cool camo. Definitely at the top of my list.

There was also some really cool exclusive stuff AMIRI did for Maxfield. So great to see a store like Maxfield supporting a designer in such a positive way. Had to get these tees. All proceeds went to big brothers and sisters.

More pics from the night.




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