GREATS newest and greatest shoe yet!

GREATS sneakers just released another killer style! Inspired by the venerable MA-1 Flight jacket that was first designed by Alpha Industries, these silhouettes and colorways are going to carry you all the way out of summer and into fall in serious style!

I’ve recently been wearing ‘The Royale’ and they have joined my summer shoe rotation. This minimilistic design and high quality material makes for an extremely comfortable shoe that’s easy to wear and look great with every outfit.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 12.33.42 PM.png
The Royale

GREATS latest release is the “The Royale Summer Flight Pack’. After last years extremely successful ace sneaker GREATS decided to give the shoe a little ‘maverick’ makeover. Nubuck accents, tonal heel tabs, and the first blush colorway for men (super excited about that color)! The insole is finished with the signature orange from the bomber jackets, so even when you kick your shoes off people will be looking. There are 3 colorways, Navy, Cargo, Blush Pink. I’m ordering the blush for sure!

The Royale Summer Flight Pack
3 colorways
The Royale Summer Flight Pack
Closer look at Blush Pink… (my fav!)
The Royale Summer Flight Pack
The Olive Green 


The Royale Summer Flight Pack
Navy colorway

I can vouch for the quality and comfort of these sneakers. GREATS is doing something different, and it really works. Their direct to consumer sales model saves YOU money, and doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the product your purchasing.

This is definitely a brand you need to know about!



*  Before the publication of this article I received the shoes! Wanted to share a couple pictures and tel you these thing are even better in person!!



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