Flying high with the IWC Pilot

A great week trying an IWC Pilot from Previously Enjoyed. I’m having such a blast getting to try all of these amazing watches from Beverly Hills Watch. There are so many watches out there and getting the opportunity to try out so many different pieces is really giving me some insight into what I prefer and don’t prefer in watches. I’m also discovering that some watches are maybe better to wear for daily use and some more practical for that special event. But, let’s get down to this weeks business at hand and talk about the IWC Pilot I’ve been wearing!

I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t very familiar with IWC as a brand. An American watch pioneer named Florentine Ariosto Jones founded the International Watch Company in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The watch company has been around for almost 150 years. Each watch is handcrafted and IWC pride themselves on meticulous details in every timepiece.

The one thing that stands out the most to me is the size of the “Pilot” face. The size and style is a tribute to the history of pilot watches. These watches had bigger faces and larger numbers, making them easier to read for the pilots. The IWC, Big Pilot I’ve been wearing is 46mm. This is a little larger then most watches I wear. It also has an oversized screw with makes it feel even bigger when wearing it.


I absolutely love the simplicity of the watches look! The large numbers are cool and the detail of the hand being white to contrast black face is a sharp detail. It makes a statement on the wrist without being flashy which I really enjoyed.


The other really cool thing about the IWC Pilot is the 7 day reserve! For anyone who has multiple watches it can get annoying to set your watch every time you want to wear a new piece. With a 7 day reserve this watch would keep ticking for an entire week without being on your wrist. None of my watches last more the 72 hours so this feature really speaks to me.


Another thing that makes this specific watch sick! It’s got a swanky alligator strap! In my opinion it really sets this piece apart from the rest.

With the overall size of this watch (and my smaller then normal wrists), I can see this being a perfect watch to wear out for special occasions/dinners, etc. It may be a little large for everyday use. I personally don’t have anything like this piece and feel it could really round out my “sporty’ collection. Get the details and prices at previously enjoyed.


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Why you have to shop @ Beverly Hills Watch… Beverly Hills Watch has been around since 1979. The sell both new and used watches. It’s easy to shop around for watches online, but you don’t always know what your getting. The “previously enjoyed” division of Beverly Hills Watch is a little different then your average online shop. Watches brought in on trade from current clients who purchased the watch from them in the past means they have the proper pedigree with all these watches. All new clients who are trading watches go through a very thorough verification process so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

Before you make your next watch purchase, or you want more info on a specific watch – I truly speak from experience – check out Beverly Hills Watch

“Previously Enjoyed Watches – The Exclusive Beverly Hills Watch Store since 1979. Specializing in buying, selling and trading new and pre-owned fine timepieces acquired from our vast network of clients around the world.”

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  1. Love this watch . The strap is really stunning which makes it work for day and night .. And I think the bold face is great for individuals who have trouble seiing the time on smaller or busier faces .

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