Chill out and Rolex a little.

The Rolex Daytona. There is nothing ordinary about any Rolex, but the Daytona models cool factor is off the carts. I’ve been enjoying a Rolex Daytona “Black DLC Blackout” from my friends at Beverly Hills Watch this past week. I’ve literally loved every minute it has been on my wrist. Everybody knows the name “Rolex”, but there is something truly special about this specific piece. This is normally where I tell you I’m going to break down what I liked and didn’t like about the piece. I’ll be honest though… there wasn’t anything to dislike about this baby! I’ll try to answer any questions you all have about the watch and why you should use Beverlly Hills Watch for your next watch purchase.

The Rolex Daytona was first introduced is 1963 and was meant to meet demands of professional race car drivers. Its highly reliable chronograph and bezel with tachymetric scale allows drivers to measure up to 400 miles per hour. As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m not a watch expert. But what this info tells a guy like me… this watch is expertly handcrafted and trusted by professionals that demand only the best in quality and performance. That, as a buyer, is important to me! Quality for me with luxury watches is #1. I want a watch I can look at in 20 years and still enjoy the same way I am now, with the confidence it still works just as well. Rolex is a company known for quality.

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I personally own a Rolex Submariner. When I first put the Daytona on my wrist, it felt smaller. They are both 40mm so it’s not a larger case. However, I do think the Daytona has a lower profile and doesn’t sit up as high on the wrist. I have to admit, I was totally digging that. The watch was unobtrusive to my daily life. It fit nicely under shirts and jackets and was just easy! If you know one thing about me its comfort is #1. The things I wear on rotation are comfortable, that goes for clothing, shoes and watches.



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Diving into the key word about this watch… custom. Like other incredible unique pieces that you can find at at Beverly Hills Watch, this watch is special.  The blackout look with the stainless steel DLC coated dial is exceptional. A bad ass feature is the open back. This is something you just don’t get on a Daytona. Being able to see the movement of a luxury watch is such a treat and I love that this customized watch has this feature.


Let me summarize what I’ve learned about this watch while enjoying it. It’s an amazing addition to any watch callers collection. Especially if you already have a Rolex, this offers you something very different. What I also learned was how much I miss wearing my Rolex. I feel like I fell in love with it all over again. Anyone looking for a first Rolex purchase – I highly suggest a Submariner. Beverly Hills Watch has a HUGE selection of both new and previously enjoyed watches that can help every budget- get a quote from them before your next purchase.

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Why you have to shop @ Beverly Hills Watch… Beverly Hills Watch has been around since 1979. The sell both new and used watches. It’s easy to shop around for watches online, but you don’t always know what your getting. The “previously enjoyed” division of Beverly Hills Watch is a little different then your average online shop. Watches brought in on trade from current clients who purchased the watch from them in the past means they have the proper pedigree with all these watches. All new clients who are trading watches go through a very thorough verification process so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

Before you make your next watch purchase, or you want more info on a specific watch – I truly speak from experience – check out Beverly Hills Watch

“Previously Enjoyed Watches – The Exclusive Beverly Hills Watch Store since 1979. Specializing in buying, selling and trading new and pre-owned fine timepieces acquired from our vast network of clients around the world.”

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