Born to Dare with Tudor

Beverly Hills Watch/ Previously Enjoyed continues to hook me up and give me the opportunity to expand my watch knowledge and try out new brands. I can’t tell you how much fun these projects are for me. Although I would love to jump off with my personal opinion of my most recent trial- I think it’s best I talk about this weeks brand first. Followers… let’s learn about Tudor.  That’r right! I am going to tell you about Tudor and the Heritage 43mm “Black Bay Bronze”.

The Tudor manifesto is “WE’RE DEVOTED TO THE CLASSIC. BUT REJECT THE STATUS QUO”. Tudor was created by the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsford. The company was born to explore new territories and offer a watch, similar to Rolex, for a more modest price point, while withstanding the standards of excellence which Hans Wilsford established with Rolex. As a Rolex owner, I was super intrigued to try out this brand and see for myself how it compared…



Maybe comparing watches isn’t the “professional” or “expert” way to write a review, but I’m not an expert and there are so many similarities between a Tudor and a Rolex it’s pretty hard for me to ignore.


The Tudor Submariners were designed for military divers and were first produced in 1964. There is no truer testament to quality than having the military using and trusting the Tudor brand. These watches had to withstand some amazingly harsh conditions. The ones that are in circulation today show the wear and tear they withstood.

1964 TUDOR

It’s clear that Tudor is a brand that can be trusted and the quality is most important to the company… but what was the watch like to wear? Let me tell you, the watch that Beverly Hills/Previously Enjoyed let me enjoy was amazing! If you follow me on Instagram you know that finding unique clothing and brands is important to me. Anyone can buy whats on the mannequin at Saks, but it’s far more rewarding to find that super unique piece from a brand that I may not be too familiar with. That’s pretty much how I felt when I first put this watch on while at the Beverly Hills Watch store. The Tudor Heritage “Black Bay Bronze” watch looked like it was an antique piece. For the record, it’s not. It was purchased in April 2017 and was barely worn by the previous owner. However it did come with a slightly vintage/aged look and it had already started to develop the most beautiful patina and the bronze had begun to show a deep dark tarnish. Its really makes you take a double look!

My Rolex submariner is 40mm and this Tudor is 43mm. You would think the size would affect me daily, but I really didn’t notice it. It’s not an overly heavy watch and the band was very comfortable. I would just say it was harder to wear under a dress shirt than say a super thin Hublot Fusion or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. But, I wore it on a road trip to San Diego and it looked amazing with a teeshirt.


It also wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t talk about maybe the most attractive part about Tudor as a brand and of course this specific watch from Previously Enjoyed. The PRICE! They are approximately 1/3 the price of a Rolex Submariner. This “Black Bay Bronze” model is definitely one of my favourites in the collection. It’s got a factory warranty through April 2019 and is listed at $2,950! This is a friggin steal!


All in all, I’m happy I learned more about Tudor and pleased to know there is such a great option similar to Rolex for a modest price point! Get to Previously Enjoyed and learn more.

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