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Swiss watch manufacturer since 1865. Zenith has been around for more the 150 years and their experience in watchmaking  have made them a leader in the watch industry. I’ve been wearing a Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special GMT for a couple weeks. It’s a 48mm case and has DLC titanium finishing. Beverly Hills watch and Previously Enjoyed have lent me this timepiece to wear and share my experience with all of YOU! Lets get to it…

First impressions on the watch… really cool piece. I find that my eye is drawn to the “pilot” style. I guess I like a watch that’s a little more casual and has features that stand out. This Zenith certainly stands out, at 48mm it’s a big watch! Also adding its giant crown it definitely takes up some real wrist real estate (now that’s a tung twister). With the obvious size of the watch and me not having a large wrist, I anticipated some issues with comfort. To my surprise, this wasn’t the case. The watch is very lightweight and when strapped up properly it sat very comfortably on my wrist. As for the crown, 100% transparency, I never noticed it. The only time the size of the watch was an issue for me was wearing tighter sleeved tops. The watch either had to go outside or under the clothing. I preferred the look of the watch with a t-shirt.


Zenith has a long history, in 2000 they joined the LVMH luxury group (Louis Vuitton, etc). This would be a huge move for the company and really push the Zenith brand into North America. In 2012 was when Zenith re-established their relationship with aviation and launched 3 new Pilot models. When I was learning more about the brand, I also noticed that Zenith was recognized by GPHG for the Zenith Defy Lab model. Their new technology, in regards to a mechanical watch and also for the use of contemporary materials as well as revolutionary technologies resulting in unprecedented levels of performance and precision. Back to aesthetics…this watch is very cool looking (thats what caught my eye first) and I thought it would help us all learn more about the brand to learn about a different model. Beverly Hills Watch can also source new watches, maybe this one is worth checking out.


I really did enjoy my time wearing the Zenith Pilot. I found it went well with tons of my outfits. It looked great on my wrist and felt even better when wearing for long periods of time. As someone who is not a watch expert (me), its been so great to learn about different brands. I think us novice watch buyers just buy or look at what we hear about and see the most. There are so many fantastic watch brands on the market and wearing and experiencing them is really opening up my mind in the watch world. I can only hope I’m opening yours!

Armen and his team at Beverly Hills Watch are true watch experts. I encourage you to give them a call, or stop in if your in LA and see what they can do for you on your next watch investment.


Anyone who has known me over the years knows about my passion for both watches and shoes. Outfits are not complete until all the details are in place. These details include the right shoes and of course a killer watch to add some punch to your look.

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Why you have to shop @ Beverly Hills Watch… Beverly Hills Watch has been around since 1979. The sell both new and used watches. It’s easy to shop around for watches online, but you don’t always know what your getting. The “previously enjoyed” division of Beverly Hills Watch is a little different then your average online shop. Watches brought in on trade from current clients who purchased the watch from them in the past means they have the proper pedigree with all these watches. All new clients who are trading watches go through a very thorough verification process so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

Before you make your next watch purchase, or you want more info on a specific watch – I truly speak from experience – check out Beverly Hills Watch

“Previously Enjoyed Watches – The Exclusive Beverly Hills Watch Store since 1979. Specializing in buying, selling and trading new and pre-owned fine timepieces acquired from our vast network of clients around the world.”

* Most pics by Karen


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