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If you are like me, you’ve heard of Franck Muller… but do you really know about the brand? I quickly realized that my knowledge was very limited. That has probably been the most interesting part about working with Previously Enjoyed Watches. I not only get to learn about different brands, but I get to actually wear the watches and see for myself what wearing them is like. How it feels, what it looks like on, and if I could imagine adding one to my collection. Keep reading to find out what I thought, and hopefully I can help you gain some insight if you are considering a Franck Muller.

Let’s get a little background on Franck Muller, the brand. The brand was officially founded in 1991. Beforehand, Mr. Franck Muller innovations were trademarked under the Franck Genève brand. Mr. Muller presented his first wristwatch in 1983. These watches all had complicated movements and he created them solely on his own. These watches were very unique and he realized there was a demand from watch collectors for these special timepieces.  To meet demands every year since then, Mr. Muller has presented at the World Premiere, assembling complications that have never been created before. He realized very early on in his career the major significance that the Tourbillon would be to the watch making world. With both this and his very unique watch design he was really doing something different. In 1992, the Cinteree Curvex was first launched. This may be the most distinctive feature of a Franck Muller watch. The simplest way to describe it, would be a three dimensional curved shape to the watch. Before 1992, watches were round, rectangular, or square. This silhouette became the brands most identifiable attribute.

So let’s get down to my thoughts on wearing the “Franck Muller Master of Complications Mariner Stainless Steel Automatic Chronograph” from Previously Enjoyed Watches. The shape of the watch makes the timepiece extremely comfortable to wear. Even with a smaller wrist like myself and a relatively large watch like this, the shape made it an easy wear. I’m obsessed with the band. The band is rubber, however I had to ask to be sure. It looks like leather and gives this sporty watch a nice formal touch.


After learning more about the complexity of the brand, the design and the process in which these watches are manufactured, these pieces are real works of art. From the technical element, to the unique design, to the hand paining done, nothing is lacklustre. Franck Muller is creating its own path and people seem to love it.


For me, the rounded glass was something I needed to get used to. I’m not by any means saying its a bad thing, its just something I’ve never looked at and took a couple days to get used to. Totally unrelated to the wearing go the watch, but the rounded glass did make my life a little difficult to take pictures with. I’m not a pro photographer, and had a heck of a time trying to limit the reflections. I’ll need to sign up for a photography course after this, cause my skills are lacking, lol.


I would certainly recommend having a look at Franck Muller before you make your next purchase. Previously Enjoyed Watches has some incredibly enticing price points on this watch as well as tons of others. “You may not be the first, but does it really matter.”

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