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Everybody knows the brand Rolex… but what Rolex do you purchase if you’re looking for something different from this well know brand? Let me introduce the Rolex Daytona Meteorite with Roman numeral dial in white gold. This is not your average Rolex. Armen, at Previously Enjoyed Watches let me test out this beautiful timepiece and I want to tell you all about it.

For the Rolex, the chronograph has never been a style they have focused on, most styles focus on the three handed models. But the Daytona has a cool history, some of the first automobile races took place on the beach in Daytona FL, in 1902. This is wear many speed records were recorded over the next several years. The first Daytona manufactured by Rolex was in 1963. Names after this famous place. There have been 3 series over the years. Series one (known as the Paul Newman), introduced in 1963. Famously, Paul Newmans actual watch was gifted to his daughters boyfriend and later sold at auction for 17.8 million in 2017 (which broke a record for wristwatches). The second series was introduced in 1988 and the third in 2000. Although have a similar look, the first series in hand-wound, the second series introduced a self winding movement and the third series brought the manufacture of the movement in-house to Rolex. 

Now that I understand a little bit about the history of Daytona, lets chat about the watch I was testing from Previously Enjoyed Watches. With all the Daytona history and some extra cool features, the Rolex Dayton Meteorite Roman Dial in white gold is a show stopper.


No… I don’t know how a meteorite got inside this watch, but it’s pretty freaking cool! It has a white gold case and beautiful red pops on the second hands that are  complimented by the strap. Totally winning combination for me.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.09.27 PM

The case is 40mm and the Rubber B strap really fits the watch well. I actually thought this case was smaller then my Rolex Submariner, it’s not. However, it’s a lot more comfortable then wearing my Submariner. Could be the strap, but I think the Daytona style may just be a little more sleek.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.09.13 PM

My overall take on this watch is one of excitement. If you love watches (like me), you may be looking for something a little different to add to your collection. I love the subtleness of the white gold and the meteorite face is just stunning. Previously Enjoyed Watches has lots of great watches, but this one may be a new favourite of mine. Grab it up before it’s gone. 

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