Wind away with the Barrington watch winder

Almost all of watches I talk about here are automatic watches. Just in case you don’t know what that means (which is totally fine by the way), automatic watches are also known as self winding watches. They use natural motion to power the watch, therefore the watch doesn’t require winding or a battery. So what do we do when we aren’t wearing our automatic watch? Does is drive you crazy to have to set your automatic watch when it hasn’t been used in a couple days? Lets get some answers and some solutions…

There are many reasons for people to want to use a watch winder. One of the most common is that if you have a watch on a winder it will always be set and ready to go. Anybody with multiple automatic watches knows setting a different watch everyday can be annoying. I myself rarely wear the same watch 2 days in a row. Therefore, almost ever time I go to pick a watch, it isn’t set. So when Barrington Watch Winders asked my to try out a winder, I was super excited!


Barrington sent me a single watch winder. It fits a single watch in its super simple and minimalist design case. The case design is probably my favourite part to be honest. Although its great to have a way to keep my watches wound up and ready to go, this thing just looks amazing!! I ended up putting in my office and just love how it looks.


You can plug the winder in or it runs on AA batteries. I personally have enough cords in my life and welcome something that doesn’t require another one.
Plus, its sleeker without it. AA batteries for me.

Depending on your needs, Barrington offers different winders and options. All the way up to a 12 watch winder and safe in one – click here

I’m already debating getting a larger winder and just love the idea of my watches being set and ready to go anytime I want to wear them. I also have a hard time seeing my watches as they are currently in a safe. The safe is dark and doesn’t display the watches that I love so much. I would so much rather have them on display so I can enjoy them even when I’m not wearing them – Check out this 6 watch winder, here.

As of now, I’m thrilled with the single watch winder I received. I’m a huge fan of all things minimalistic… especially is this crazy world we live in. I’m enjoying always having a watch ready to go and also just enjoying having a watch on display in my office, almost like a piece of art. Check out Barrington for all things watch winding related.


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