Breiten up your day with this Breitling Montbrilliant

With a history since 1884, Breitling has been around for a long time in the watch industry. I’ve been testing out one of there newer models, the Breitling Montbrilliant Edition Steel Watch from Previously Enjoyed Watch in Beverly Hills. This stainless steel timepiece packs a punch with its yellow gold details. I wore the watch for a week, lets find out what I thought about it…

The Breitling Montbrilliant Edition stainless steel case measures 43mm. I personally own a Breitling Bentley Edition, which is 49mm. I’ve always found my Breitling extremely difficult to wear. It’s very heavy and so thick it’s just not a comfortable on the wrist. The Montbrilliant Edition is a much easier and comfortable watch to wear. The biggest different (other than the case diameter difference from the Bentley Edition), would be the case thickness. The Montbrilliant Edition is 15mm which really makes this watch an everyday easy to wear timepiece.

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Another big benefits of purchasing a Breitling is they don’t tend too have crazy high price points that other brands have. Their watches have reasonable price points. If you’re looking at getting an even better deal, getting a Breitling second hand can save you a bundle – Previously Enjoyed Watches has lots!



This Breitling Montbrilliant Edition (A48330) has a chronograph functions and a rotating bezel. The date is displayed at the 6 market and the stainless steel bracelet with a deployment buckle. The band moves extremely well and offers easy movement and a comfortable feel. The hands and hour markers are luminescent gold. This is my favourite feature of the watch. I love the pop the yellow gold features add to the face. Depending on what other rings or bracelets you wear, this watch goes well with both gold and silver and offers great versatility.


I would say this watch is little more on the dressy side. Great for an everyday office watch or an evening watch. Breitling offers a great watch for a great price and Previously Enjoyed Watch is offering this watch for an even better price. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the Breitling Montbrilliant Edition Watch and I’ll look forward to sharing my thoughts on the next watch from Beverly Hills Watch.


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