Vintage Rolex Reviewed

Everyone knows what a Rolex is. Wearing a Rolex is almost like wearing a status symbol on your’ wrist. It says you have class, you understand luxury and well… you can afford a really expensive watch, lol. People recognize a Rolex as a brand and most know the value that wearing one holds. But what about a Vintage Rolex? How do they match up? Previously Enjoyed Watches set me up with something  a little different this time. A Vintage Rolex Day Date from 1963! Are you ready to check this baby out!!!

The watch available at Previously Enjoyed Watches

  • Brand – Rolex
  • Model – Rolex Day-Date Vintage
  • Model number – 1803
  • SKU – 46AK98
  • Bracelet – Crocodile
  • Case Diameter – 46mm
  • Functions – Day, Date
  • Self-Winding Automatic
  • Case – 18K Yellow Gold
  • Case Back – Solid
  • Dial Color – Silver
  • Bezel – Fluted Yellow Gold
  • Price – $7,500


My personal fashion style has incorporated more and more vintage pieces into its rotation. I love wearing unique pieces that are a little different then “the norm”. For me, understanding the history of fashion has given me a greater appreciation for pieces from the past and understanding how they shaped fashion today. The history of watches is similar. Each watch brand has a history and their vintage timepieces both tell a story about the brands history and the evolution of the watch industry. Lets not forget that some of the most expensive watches ever sold were vintage!

  • Patek Philippe watch sold for $31 million, making it the most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned.


  • In 2017, a Rolex Daytona once owned by Paul Newman, sold for $17.7 million.

I really enjoyed my time wearing this watch from Previously Enjoyed, It felt like I was wearing a story, not just a watch. At 36mm in diameter, this watch was much smaller then anything I have ever worn. It took a little bit to get used to. Interestingly though, more a more watch buyers are gravitating towards smaller sized watches, including myself. It didn’t take long for me to get used to the size and how undemanding the watch was to wear.


If you’re someone who doesn’t desire to fit in and prefers to create his/her own path, check out this watch. You will have something you won’t see on everyone’s wrist, something different and unique. Something else to consider; my wife wears a Rolex Date-Just 36mm. She absolutely loved this vintage watch and the size was super cool for a women also. Could be a great gift for your significant other.

The holiday season is coming fast! You can spoil your loved ones at both Previously Enjoyed and Beverly Hills Watch. So many great options for anyone on your list.


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Why you have to shop @ Beverly Hills Watch… Beverly Hills Watch has been around since 1979. The sell both new and used watches. It’s easy to shop around for watches online, but you don’t always know what your getting. The “previously enjoyed” division of Beverly Hills Watch is a little different then your average online shop. Watches brought in on trade from current clients who purchased the watch from them in the past means they have the proper pedigree with all these watches. All new clients who are trading watches go through a very thorough verification process so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

Before you make your next watch purchase, or you want more info on a specific watch – I truly speak from experience – check out Beverly Hills Watch

“Previously Enjoyed Watches – The Exclusive Beverly Hills Watch Store since 1979. Specializing in buying, selling and trading new and pre-owned fine timepieces acquired from our vast network of clients around the world.”

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