The world has changed a lot in the past couple months. For me, its given me more time to spend doing and researching things I’m passionate about. Some of these things include fitness, architecture, fashion and of course watches! Previously Enjoyed got me to test out a Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller. I’ve always been a big fan of the unique dial on this watch and I love pretty much everything Rolex… so needless to say, I was pumped up to review this watch so lets get to it…

The Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller first launched in 1967. During the 1960s the needs of profession divers was changing dramatically. These divers were working at great depths and needed a watch that would be reliable under these extreme conditions. The first ‘ultra water resistant’ tool watches designed for conducting safe diving operations were at 300m depths. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000 with reference number 1665 was originally developed during 1967 but didn’t become available for the public until 1971. The first version of the Sea-Dweller was the so-called “Single Red” with a depth rating of 500 metres. Most Sea-Dwellers incorporate a helium escape valve used for saturation diving. Thats being said, early Sea-Dwellers did not always have the valve. The other very distinguishing feature of a Sea-Dweller was the absence of the date magnifier. That did changed in 2017 with reference number 126600. In 2008, Rolex introduced an updated Sea-Dweller (This is the watch I’m reviewing and available for purchase). Its depth rating is 3,900 meters and was the most water resistant mechanical watch in production in that year. The other feature that came with this Deepsea in 2008 was the ‘Ringlock System’. The system seals the sapphire crystal to the titanium’ steel alloy case.


The watch available at Previously Enjoyed Watches

  • Brand – Rolex
  • Series – DeepSea
  • Model number – 116660
  • SKU – QTNQL3
  • Bracelet – Stainless Steel Oyster
  • Water resistant  – 3900 Meters / 12,800 Feet
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter – 44mm
  • Self-Winding Automatic
  • Case Back – Solid
  • Dial Color – Black

Original Price = $12,600

Special Price = $9,950

I had an absolute blast wearing this watch. I love Rolex Submariners so this DeepSea was kind of an upgraded version with some kick ass features (too say the least). From a look standpoint I’m a huge fan and can’t really see how anyone wouldn’t be. The stainless steel and black dial are such a beautiful simple combination and make wearing this watch with anything a possibility! The addition of the Ring lock system adds not only another feature to the watch, but also adds a very cool look to the dial. For me, it almost gives the dial a three dimensional look. Just something different then the Submariners which are a much more common watch.


I personally like to try and buy ‘different’. By this I mean I try so make what I buy unique. Whether it’s putting different rims on my vehicle or changing the laces on my shoes, I like my things to be uniquely mine. When I’m buying watches I like the watches to feel the same way. Thats what makes a watch unique and special for me. It’s what makes it different then just another watch. Because, let’s be real here…  watches are NOT cheap. They are investment and its important to purchase smart and also purchase something that you love and can truly enjoy! Thats my real goal in these articles – to showcase a wide variety of watches in hopes that something may peak your interest. Not every watch is for everyone – finding the right watch is the key. I do hope you keep my friends at Previously Enjoyed and Beverly Hills Watch in mind for your next purchase. Armen is a true gentleman and he’s been my only watch guy for over 7 years.

I wanted to show some comparison shots of the DeepSea Sea-Dweller to a Submariner. Both a strikingly timeless watches.



If you interested in a Submariner purchase, I would advise giving this watch a second look. It would work especially nice on a larger wrist (44mm case), or if you are a diver – I probably don’t need to sell you on these watches, you already know a heck of a lot more then me. Take a minute to click the link and you can always check out more Previously Enjoyed or for new watches, click  here.

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