It’s been a busy couple months for me as my family welcomed our second child into the world. It’s been a wonderful time and we are so blessed. But I’m also very excited to be back here talking about watches! My good friends at Beverly Hills Watch and Previously Enjoyed have also been busy; over the past couple weeks I’ve been testing out a Tudor Black Bay Bronze. This super popular model was first released in 2012 and people have been loving it ever since! Lets find out why.

Although the Tudor watch companies history traces back to 1926, the Black Bay model was a more recent style released in 2012. In 2012 Tudor focus was on the diver watch; the Heritage Black Bay was a reinterpretation of the early Tudor Submariner models. The Black Bay is the modern version of their submariner.

The biggest inspiration came from the Tudor reference 7922

Tudor reference 7922

There are dozens of Tudor Black Bay models available today but what makes this one special is the bronze and its size. This was the first time Tudor decided to make a dive watch with a bronze face. It is also slightly larger than any other ‘time only’ models. Its larger face and unique metal makes this beauty have a nice impact on the wrist!

The watch available at Previously Enjoyed Watches

  • Brand – Tudor
  • Series – Black Bay
  • Model number – 79250BA
  • SKU – 1KQMHK
  • Bracelet – Leather strap
  • Water resistant  – 200 Meters / 660 Feet
  • Case Material – Bronze-coloured PVD bronze
  • Case Diameter – 43mm
  • Self-Winding Automatic
  • Case Back – Solid
  • Dial Color – Grey

Original Price = $4,150

Special Price = $3,750

While most Black Bay “time only” watches measure 41mm this model comes it at 43mm. This watch makes a statement on the wrist and will guarantee some strong looks. The bronze case gives a look of a patina and adds some great character.

I found myself wanting to wear jeans, teeshirts, flannels and casual clothing with the watch. Anything with a classic/vintage style i felt matched up well with its vibe. It has this vintage feel to it with a ton of character.

Wearing the watch was very comfortable. The leather band made it an easy watch to wear all day. I had no complains about the size even on my smaller wrist size.

The other thing I think is important to speak on is this Tudor watch and its price point. To be blunt… its fantastic! You are getting a a super well made timepiece. A brand with a long history in the watch industry and for a fraction of the price from similar brands. Tudor is the sister company of Rolex and thats why we see so much crossover with the brands. And yes, that includes quality. Anything closely linked with Rolex has my stamp of approval, thats for sure! Previously Enjoyed has a great price on this watch. Purchased new in 2019 and still has a factory warranty until April 2024.


Why you have to shop @ Beverly Hills Watch… Beverly Hills Watch has been around since 1979. The sell both new and used watches. It’s easy to shop around for watches online, but you don’t always know what your getting. The “previously enjoyed” division of Beverly Hills Watch is a little different then your average online shop. Watches brought in on trade from current clients who purchased the watch from them in the past means they have the proper pedigree with all these watches. All new clients who are trading watches go through a very thorough verification process so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

Before you make your next watch purchase, or you want more info on a specific watch – I truly speak from experience – check out Beverly Hills Watch

“Previously Enjoyed Watches – The Exclusive Beverly Hills Watch Store since 1979. Specializing in buying, selling and trading new and pre-owned fine timepieces acquired from our vast network of clients around the world.”

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