Less traveling has more and more people spending their money on other things like… watches! The watch market has remained strong during this crazy time in the world and we continue to see the rise in watch prices and watch demand. This isn’t a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking at purchasing. Previously Enjoyed is a great way to get into the watch you want without paying top dollar. I’m going to be reviewing a Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 today – If you are a Panerai fan you already know about this model, if not, I’ll give you a brief history as well as the details on this timepiece. Lets go!

The Panerai watches have always been coveted by the military, but in the 1990s they launched the Panerai Luminor Marina. This watch was a monumental move my Panerai – the Luminor, with the small second dial at 9 o’clock was a model which really helped to make the Panerai brand known throughout the world.

Lets check out the watch that I tested out from Previously Enjoyed and get the details

  • Brand – Panerai
  • Series – Luminor Marina 1950
  • Model number -PAM00392
  • SKU – XL5HV7
  • Bracelet – Leather Strap
  • Water resistant  – 330 Feet / 600 Meters
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter – 32mm
  • Self-Winding Automatic
  • Case Back – Exhibition
  • Dial Color – Black

Original Price – $7,400

Special Price – $4,950

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – Those people who love Panerai, LOVE Panerai a lot! When I’m talking watches with people and they mention they own a Panerai… I already know how much they love it, its just the way it is. They are such unique timepieces and everyone can spot a Panerai on someone’s wrist. It’s iconic Crown Protector makers it stand out from the crowd and people love them.

Cruising in Ventura, CA

I personally love the simplicity of the dial. Panerai makes probably the easiest to read watches on the market. Sometimes less truly is more and in Panerais’ case, I agree! Easy to read, day or night, waterproof and with a 3 day power reserve, you really could own this and only this watch.

Wearing this watch was fun. When I saw it on my wrist, there is no question I know its there, I feel like its a statement watch. At 42mm i would say its on the medium case size in scale. But with the crown protector, it does take up more wrist real estate.

Something to note – The Panerai push-button folding clasp was added by the original owner and does not come standard for this model. The watch watch purchased new in 2014 and can be registered by the new owner upon purchase. Hit up my friends at Previously Enjoyed if your interested in this watch or any other watch on there website HERE

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