This is the first time I’ve done a back to back review for the same brand. Back to back Panerais. Last was the ‘Luminor Marina’, today is the ‘Radiomir’. Being able to compare the watches in this manner was so helpful is getting a direct feel for the likes/dislikes of these models. Previously Enjoyed has lots of inventory to choose from and big thanks for letting me test out the Panerai Radiomir. Lets get going!

First off, what is Radiomir when referred to by Panerai? The answer is cool, so listen up. In 1913, the Italian Navy took an interest in the family business of Guido Panerai, founded in 1864. Because there was a wartime need for nighttime visibility, the Italian Navy requested instruments with reliable luminous markers. Guido Panerai then developed Radiomir, a radium-powered luminous pigment, for all his company’s dials. How it works (in laymen’s terms) – Rather then external light (powered by then sun), Radiomir’s phosphorescent pigment uses high-energy radiation from mixed in radium. This makes it glow constantly, not needing and external light, and glows until it breaks down (approximately 1600 years).

Because these watches were only available for militarily purposes, no civilian could acquire a Panerai. It was in 1938 the company’s first watch line was released. It was a collaboration with Rolex but would originate from the signature style we see today, however, it was still only available for persons in the military.

1938 Panerai Radiomir

In 1993, the brand became ‘Officine Panerai’ and was available for purchase by the public. Their 2 main lines are the ‘Radiomir’ and the ‘Luminor’. They do have other more complicated watches such as the Luminor Tourbillon which retail price is a whopping $149,000. Panerai was purchased by the Richemont Group in 1997 and has been making its own movements in their own factory since 2005 in Switzerland.

The company’s first watch line was a collaboration with watchmaker Rolex, but would originate the signature style that endures today. This was the first Radiomir watch from 1938, taking that name because it used Radiomir lume technology.

Lets get the details on the watch;

  • Brand – Panerai
  • Series – Radiomir
  • Model number -PAM00210
  • SKU – C8UKTU
  • Bracelet – Alligator
  • Water resistant  – 330 Feet / 600 Meters
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter – 45mm
  • Movement – Hand Wound Mechanical
  • Case Back – Exhibition
  • Dial Color – black



I’ve worn a lot of Panerai watches and I’ve always been able to see the appeal of the design. It’s unique, masculine and also affordable. I’ve never worn a ‘Radiomir’ until this one and I am so glad I had the opportunity! 100% without a doubt my favourite Panerai watch series.

This watch is 45mm (which is large), and feels like its weightless! It’s unique shape really makes this watch an absolute pleasure to wear! It doesn’t have the crown protector that so many other Panerai watches have. For me, I don’t dislike the look of the crown protector, but it can be cumbersome. The ‘Radiomir’ series removed this issue and leaves you with a super minimalist style wristwatch. This watch is a manual-wind – this is a little different for me. I’m more used to automatic guy, but with a 3 day power reserve its not like you are winding all the time.

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