HUBLOT – BIG BANG ‘black magic’ reviewed

Love them or hate them, the Hublot brand has made their reputation in the watch industry rock solid and proved they’re not going anywhere. Previously Enjoyed had me test out the Hublot Big Bang ‘Black Magic’ last week. This carbon fibre model has a sensational aesthetic and i truly enjoyed my experience testing it our. Lets chat about it…

The name Hublot actually come from the French word ‘porthole’, and the watches are most well known for there ‘porthole’ shape. There is no question the ‘porthole’ shape is what’s most iconic about a Hublot watch. But what you may not know is how innovative their straps are. It was in 2005 when Hublot revolutionized the watch world by combining an 18K gold case with a rubber strap. Since this time, the rubber strap has emerged as one of Hublot’s flagship materials and showcases it modern approach to watchmaking.

I want to talk a little more about the strap. I’m such a big fan of comfort. I don’t care if its clothing, footwear, or watches; if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it. If you read my blogs regularly you will notice I spend a lot of time focusing on the comfort of the watch I’m reviewing. For me, it’s the most important factor that goes into a good watch purchase. The comfortable watch in my collection is my ‘go to watch’. It’s easy to throw on, looks good with everything and is comfortable all day long. In 2004, Hublot named a new CEO, Carlo Crocco. Crocco wanted to set a new standard for the watch strap. His must-haves for his watch band were – water resistance, comfortable fit, with clean sleek lines. None of the traditional materials (steel, leather, fabric) possessed these qualities. It was his search that led Hublot to use the unusual option of rubber. It has an uncommon look, texture and feel. The rubber material would also allow the band to be washed, unlike suede materials that would be damaged with washing.

There were three things that Carlo Crocco required from his rubber bands on his luxury timepieces;

  1. Long term resistance to breakage, warping and staining
  2. Softness for comfort and a customizable fit
  3. NO hint of that characteristically potent ‘rubber smell’

It took 3 years an about 1M dollars to develop a material that fit these specifications. The results were fabulous – very durable, also flexible enough to fit every wrist. But most impressive, instead of the strap having a rubber smell, it exuded a subtle vanilla scent… now that impressive!

Details on the watch

  • Brand – Hublot
  • Series – Big Bang ‘Black Magic’
  • Bracelet -Black lined Rubber
  • Water resistant  – 100 Meters / 330 Feet
  • Case Material – Ceremic
  • Case Diameter – 44mm
  • Movement – Self-winding
  • Dial Color – Carbon Fiber
  • Crystal -Scratch Resistant Sapphire


This watch may have already sold, but I do want you to consider a Hublot watch for your next purchase. Sometimes its important to buy a watch “YOU” love, and not worry about anything else. That’s what I did many years ago. I just loved this Hublot Big Bang ‘Chocolate’. People hated it… I didn’t care. I found it for a great price, scooped it up and its been an amazing watch ever since for me. It may not increase in value a ton, or be a watch everyone talks about, but I love it. With all the craziness in the watch market right now, let us not forget that we should be buying watches we like, not just the ones that social media tells us are cool.

If your looking to add a watch that is super lightweight, easy to wear and great to be active in. I highly suggest you look at a Hublot for your next purchase. The carbon fibre look on this model is super cool and adds a nice sportiness to a luxury watch. Previously Enjoyed has some other Hublot’s available right now and they are always getting new stock, so good to stay up to date with them. If you prefer new watches, check out Beverly Hills Watch.

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