What is there not to love about a Panda? Especially if it’s an Audemars Piguet 🐼

This has been a very good week! Let me tell you about it! Every time I get the opportunity to drive down to Beverly Hills and walk into Beverly Hills Watch is a good day. But last week was even better than most. Armen met me early in the day and told me he had a watch he knew I would be super excited to test out. We are always excited about picking new watches but I could tell this was different.

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Add a Panerai to your life

Panerai is certainly a brand most watch people know about. Their designs have a shape that stands out from the crowd and demands attention. The people wearing their watches are loyal to the brand and are very outspoken about it. I personally don’t have a Panerai in my collection and I was welcoming an opportunity to test out the Panerai Luminor Marina Power Reserve from Previously Enjoyed this past week. Lets review this watch!

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Cooking with Cartier

I went on a little vacation this past week and Previously Enjoyed Watches sent me away with the Cartier Calibre De Cartier Chronograph. It’s always to fun to share my thoughts on these watches that I also get to enjoy. Can’t thank Beverly Hills Watch/Previously Enjoyed Watches enough for continuing to give me the amazing opportunity. Maybe you’re looking for a specific watch or just want to check out what’s available, either way you definitely want to speak with the experts at Beverly Hills Watch. Let’s get to this weeks watch review…

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Graham Chronofighter

One of the best things about working with Previously Enjoyed and Beverly Hills Watch is that I’m exposed to different brands. I don’t pretend to be a watch know-it-all on here. I have a lot to learn. The brands I tend to know about are the ones we all hear about; Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Hublot. LEt me be 100% clear… I love all the brands and I’m fortunate enough to have almost all of them in my collection. But, there is something refreshing about learning about a not so common company making amazing timepieces. Enter Graham, a company that been making watches since 1695. Let’s take a look at the watch Previously Enjoyed set me up to wear this past week.

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Lets be Franck

If you are like me, you’ve heard of Franck Muller… but do you really know about the brand? I quickly realized that my knowledge was very limited. That has probably been the most interesting part about working with Previously Enjoyed Watches. I not only get to learn about different brands, but I get to actually wear the watches and see for myself what wearing them is like. How it feels, what it looks like on, and if I could imagine adding one to my collection. Keep reading to find out what I thought, and hopefully I can help you gain some insight if you are considering a Franck Muller.

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Don’t miss this flight with an IWC Pilot

One of IWC most recognizable watches, the Pilot…First created in 1936 and originally designed for pilots, this watch has a rich history for almost all watch enthusiasts. Previously Enjoyed Watches let me enjoy and review one of the more rare IWC Pilot pieces, the IWC Pilot’s Double Chronograph Limited Edition Ceramic Black Dial. With only 1000 pieces made, you’re going to want to know more about this watch and maybe even add to your collection…

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Golden Panerai Luminor

This was one of my favourite weeks to date, and compliments of Previously Enjoyed yet again! I’ve been enjoying the super limited Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm Yellow Gold and Carbon Fiber PAM00140. There were released in 20014/2005 and only 250 of these were produced. Totally sold out and in boasting a very rare 18K yellow gold, this watch is something special. Lets break it down…

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The Linde Werdeline GMT baby

It’s been another fun week test driving a new watch from Beverly Hills Watch. Learning about different watch brands and being able to actually wear these watches has really given me a better understanding of the watch industry and more about my personal likes and dislikes in watches. Beverly Hills has so many NEW and USED watches. Whether your a watch enthusiast or buying your first piece. I highly suggest you give them a call or check out the website and see what they can do for you! Now.. lets get to chatting about this Linde Werdline GMT I’ve been wearing!

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