Mens Guide to Dressing in the Heat

My favourite way to dress is to layer.  Layering long tees with sweatshirts, mixing flannels with a bomber, and hoodies all the time! But every year this crazy thing happens… it’s called summer! This is my second summer in Los Angeles and let me paint a little picture of you. It is friggin hot! Most days feel similar to hanging out in a sauna… fully clothed. Layering just isn’t an option at this time of year, so let’s find some ways to make summer outfits as fresh as the rest of the year.

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The six brands you need to know about now.

The men’s fashion industry seems to have new brands, collaborations, and exclusive releases daily. It’s like a full time job just to try and keep up with what’s happening next. One missed email and you might miss out on a piece you have been lusting after. I’ll be honest, I’m just as overwhelmed as everyone else. It can be difficult to sort the ‘crap’ from the stuff you really want to know about. There is no question social media has given a voice to… well… anyone. Anyone can launch a brand, create a replica, or create hype. I’ve narrowed my list of ‘mens designers to check out now’ to six. I wear all these guys and I’m even more excited about what they have coming for fall and winter…

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Every day seems to get better and better with new challenges and fun new projects. I’ve had an overwhelming amount of requests for me to showcase outfits with brands which are less expensive than I typically post.  So.. I’ve thought of an idea with a little help from some great followers.

Example of an “outfit grid”
Every Tuesday I will post MY best “outfit grid”  (if you don’t know what an “outfit grid” is, see my example) but Tuesdays will be a little different. I’m going to put together the most budget friendly outfit I can using my current closet.  I will be calling this outfit the thrifty outfit grid #thriftyoutfitgrid . I don’t have a specific amount of money to keep each outfit under but I will do my best to keep it low. I will also put each outfit price beside the item as well as a total.

But, what’s the fun if I’m the only one doing this. I want to encourage all my followers to participate in the #thriftyoutfitgrid challenge. I’m going to pick the best one each week and post it on my page the following Tuesday.

Today is the first day and here is my #thriftyoutfitgrid

IMG_6728Outfit Details

Jeans – Naked & Famous (distressed by me) = $150

Shoes – Converse by Jack Purcell = $65

Shirt – BDG (urban outfitters) – $10

Belt – $20

Total for this outfit = $245


I hope to have lots of people participating in what I think will be a fun way to look at our outfits. From the work I’ve already done on this I’ve learned a lot about what I’m wearing on a daily basis. I think more mix matching of high-end and basics pieces would be a better choice both for my wallet as well as more of a challenge to create more versatility in my wardrobe. The truth is, when I find a designer I like I can get stuck buying there stuff. I know my size, I know how their stuff fits, and its just easy. I’m going to challenge myself to look for different designers in my daily outfits as well as using some more basic and affordable pieces.

The Challenge Guideline (this is simple)

1) Post your “outfit grid” using hashtag #thriftyoutfitgrid

2) List the items in your “grid” by designer as well as price for each item.

3) List the total amount the outfit costs.

4) Best outfit of the week will be reposed on @trendstepper the following Tuesday with credit to the winner.

My Guide to Men’s High-Tops – spring/summer 2015

If you have been living in a hole for the past couple years you didn’t know high-tops are all over the place. Huge designers including Tom Ford, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton are all designing some amazing high-top styles. These sneakers aren’t just for basketball anymore. I’ve done a ton of research and found some amazing high-top choices for spring/summer. I know what a pain in the rear it can be to find something online you love and then not be able to track them down. So I’ve done my best to find out where you can buy “most” of my recommendations below.

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