Less traveling has more and more people spending their money on other things like… watches! The watch market has remained strong during this crazy time in the world and we continue to see the rise in watch prices and watch demand. This isn’t a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking at purchasing. Previously Enjoyed is a great way to get into the watch you want without paying top dollar. I’m going to be reviewing a Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 today – If you are a Panerai fan you already know about this model, if not, I’ll give you a brief history as well as the details on this timepiece. Lets go!


Add a Panerai to your life

Panerai is certainly a brand most watch people know about. Their designs have a shape that stands out from the crowd and demands attention. The people wearing their watches are loyal to the brand and are very outspoken about it. I personally don’t have a Panerai in my collection and I was welcoming an opportunity to test out the Panerai Luminor Marina Power Reserve from Previously Enjoyed this past week. Lets review this watch!

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Golden Panerai Luminor

This was one of my favourite weeks to date, and compliments of Previously Enjoyed yet again! I’ve been enjoying the super limited Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm Yellow Gold and Carbon Fiber PAM00140. There were released in 20014/2005 and only 250 of these were produced. Totally sold out and in boasting a very rare 18K yellow gold, this watch is something special. Lets break it down…

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