My Guide to “sorta” dressing up (part 1)

Before we get started I’m going to assume a couple of things. If your reading this post, you know something about my daily style. If not, check out my daily looks on Instagram NOW! I’m not a big suit and tie guy or even a fan of having to dress up in general. I moved to California for a reason you know. Jeans are part of my daily uniform and casual attire is what I feel most comfortable in. That being said… there are many occasions in life which call for us men to dress up. I’m not talking about a wedding or a funeral. If you didn’t know you need a suit for those, your momma didn’t raise you right. But… how do we, as men, dress for nice a nice dinner out with our wife or girlfriend without wearing a suit? That’s been my issue as of late. I’m going to break this discussion into three posts. Today’s is your top half, next week will be pants, and two weeks from now, shoes. I’ve got three suggestions that have worked well for me on what to wear on your top, so here we go.

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