The six brands you need to know about now.

The men’s fashion industry seems to have new brands, collaborations, and exclusive releases daily. It’s like a full time job just to try and keep up with what’s happening next. One missed email and you might miss out on a piece you have been lusting after. I’ll be honest, I’m just as overwhelmed as everyone else. It can be difficult to sort the ‘crap’ from the stuff you really want to know about. There is no question social media has given a voice to… well… anyone. Anyone can launch a brand, create a replica, or create hype. I’ve narrowed my list of ‘mens designers to check out now’ to six. I wear all these guys and I’m even more excited about what they have coming for fall and winter…

I get asked all the time, where do I shop? This is definitely something I’m going to blog about. It’s not what I’m writing about today though.  However, it connects to what I’m talking about in today’s post.

Yes, I shop online like the rest of the universe. But, my favourite way to buy clothes is in a retail shop. Why… you ask? What buying clothes on a computer can’t ever replicate is a feeling you get when you try on a perfect piece and see yourself in the mirror for the first time. The way a garment can hang just right and make you feel like it was made just for you. That my friend, can only be achieved by walking through the doors of an actual store. To further my point, all brands fit differently and there is no way to truly know if a designers garments will look good on you without taking the time to try it on. Lets not forget about the fabrics. What truly separates the good from the best? Quality fabrics, trims and hardware. If you take the time to learn the brands that work for your style and look good on your body type it then becomes easier to shop online and feel a little more secure about what your buying (even if it is free returns, still annoying when it doesn’t work).

So if you don’t have the time or you’re not geographically located near a cool shopping district, you can take my word for it. I have seen, touched, tried on and worn these designers and here is my list of six brands have been killing it and are all set to continue that trend into 2017.



The Squad Co

The Squad Co is a recently discovered brand for me. I recently happened upon them while shopping at TRAFFIC in LA. There unique pieces really stood out to me. I was actually just looking for some new ‘white tees’. They had one that was really cool. Really light weight with 70% cotton 30% linen blend. Also features the coolest collar!

The Squad – Jersey Linen Ryan

The Squad invited me down to their showroom to check out the brand and get an opportunity to chat with one of the owners, Alex William Claster. Alex and his wife Katherine Theofilos own the company and have been around since 2012. They have done five ready to wear collections to date. The Squad focuses on maintaining a unique and unsaturated marketplace, by participating in individualized collaborations and purposeful projects. The garments they produce are truly unique and made with no shortcuts. All of the clothes are made in Los Angeles.


I took this picture of the inside of a pair of their short. The piping on the inside seams really show the brands commitment to detail and longevity of the garments. Shorts

Also, want to highly recommend their denim. I picked up a pair of the cropped denim.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.53.19 PM

With some amazing layering pieces and powerful statement garments to really put a punch in your wardrobe I highly suggest you add The Squad Co to your labels to watch right now.


Mike Amiri has been on fire the past couple years. With celebrities like Nick Jonas, Odell Beckham Jr., Tyga, Axel Rose and Justin Bieber wearing his clothes the label has been getting lots of hype.

I’ve been wearing AMIRI denim for a while now and always worn the MX1 style.

AMIRI – Mx1 style

AMIRI is now doing denim without the leather/python ‘repairs’. I just recently tried the ‘Shotgun Jean Med Indigo’. This denim (as are the MX1) are so soft I can’t even explain. I love the skinny fit and I’m getting more use from these ones as it’s been too hot for leather right now in LA.

I previewed the AMIRI lineup a couple weeks ago at a private function and fall/winter is going to be unreal! His coats have me very excited. Check these 3 out.

You don’t want to miss out on everything AMIRI has in the works. And for the ladies, his womens collection will launch this fall, and it’s hot.

Fear of God

The brand created by Jerry Lorenzo seems to almost have a cult following. Just getting your hands on some of Jerry’s pieces can be a task. Lets start with his forth collection denim.


This denim is like gold. Quick story – I pre-ordered the denim on the FEAR OF GOD website. About 4 months later I was one of the first people to receive the denim. I posted a picture on my Instagram page. Within minutes, someone offered be $2,500 for them. These jeans are some serious statement denim right now. With the indigo stone wash, distinct rips and ankle zippers (meant to be worn slightly open) they are one of the most unmistakable pair of pants on the market right now.

Jerrys fourth collection was a total hit for me. There wasn’t much I didn’t like. His bomber is one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe, his long jacket has made me look pretty darn good for some dinners lately and his hoodies have a super cool and laid back look.


The other big drop for FEAR OF GOD was there sneaker.

The first shoe

Many are calling this one of the best shoes in 2016. Jerry says he will release a new colourway every month… stay tuned I guess.

FEAR OF GOD has no shortage of celebrities rocking their gear.

Kanye rocking FEAR OF GOD at the MET GALA

As if that wasn’t enough for Jerry Lorenzo, Justin Beiber entire concert tour ‘purpose’ wardrobe was FEAR OF GOD.



Justin Beiber tour was such a big success, Jerry did several ‘pop-up shops’ during the tour. With lines at every location and sold out events in every city, FEAR OF GOD really took it to the next level. In collaboration with Barneys New York, Justin Beiber did an exclusive collection inspired by his tour. This was the first time EVER, Barneys has done something like this. Of course, all the pieces are FEAR OF GOD. Shop the collection here

I’ve been so busy enjoying the fourth collection… haven’t even started to think about whats next.

John Elliot + Co

Oh John Elliott, how I love you. So… everyone needs basics in their wardrobe. Especially if your going to rock something like those FEAR OF GOD jeans. When you go a little crazy with your pants/shoes its nice to keep things super simple on your top half. For almost all my basics (i don’t mean this in a bad way) I turn to John Elliott.

John Elliot, named one of GQ‘s Best New Menswear Designers in 2014 has continued to grow its label and diversify its collections.

I first started buying joggers from John Elliot + Co. The super slim style and fit are perfect for taking your joggers out of the house and onto the street. Then I got into the tees. Everyone needs tees, especially with all the layering going on today. My only issue with John Elliott is all of the similar options. There are too many styles and I always thought I was buying something and ended up getting the wrong fit/style (shopping online got me). But, once i figured it out, it was worth it.

John Elliott + Co – Classic Crew Co-Mix (co-mix white)


I’m going to make this very short and sweet.

  1. Adidas is owning the sneaker game right now.
  2. Sneakers are in.
  3. The “boost” technology is very comfotable.
  4. Sneakers can be worn all the time.
  5. I highly suggest u wear ADIDAS.

I love the NMDs.


I love ultra boosts.

Their collaborations are unreal.

Pharrell + ADIDAS NMD – Human Race
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.32.39 PM
Kanye West + ADIDAS – YEEZY BOOST 750
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.32.11 PM
Kanye West and ADIDAS – YEEZY BOOST 350

I wanted to include ADIDAS into this post for one specific reason. It’s ok to rock sneakers outside the gym. You can wear them to an event, with a suit, anytime. It’s all about how u dress them up. Hope to watch ADIDAS continue to strangle hold the sneaker industry through 2017.

OFF-WHITE by Virgil Abloh  

Virgil Abloh wears a lot of hats these days. He has a DJ residency at Paris in Las Vegas and DJs all over the world. He is the designer at OFF-WHITE and Kanye Wests longtime creative director.

Virgil tells GQ in the August 2016 issue – “The graphic shirts from three years ago were loud. Now I make a high heel thats nice, and off-White’ label inside (the shoe) gets at all the DJ shit, the black-kid-in-Chicago shit, all that.” “these days a hoodie is pretty much the new suit jacket, he say. Thats what Off-Whites about.”


Virgil has toned down his line and even has his first runway show at New Your Fashion Week a couple weeks ago. With more subtle designs, great fabrics and nice causal fit to his garments I can guarantee you will love what you try on this season.

Virgil inspiration came from wearing a lot of skateboard companies like Supreme and Alife in the 90s. He has taken his love of these designers into a more luxury brand. So the kids wearing Supreme in the 90s who now have money. Can drop a couple hundred bucks on a killer tee or hoodie.


I look forward to watching Off-White over the coming year as I’m sure they will continue to bring the heat.


That wraps it up for now. Let me know what you think about these brands. Your opinions? And if you like this type of post? Whatever it is, feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

– Kyle



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  1. Hey Kyle,

    Great new post – found your selection of brands to be on point with trending markets. Across different bloggers, I have noticed consistencies with some of the brands / specific merchandise you have pointed out as being “trending / hot ” on the market.

    I liked your comment about Adidas sneakers are the big commodity – in that they can be worn for multiple purposes. It’s all about how you dress it up.

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