The Rolex GMT has a long and beloved history amongst watch enthusiasts as well as with the new generation of watch collectors. Previously Enjoyed has a stainless steel Rolex GMT Master II ready for a new home and I got to test it out this past week. Lets check out the details and see if this timepiece may be right for you.

The history

The first Rolex GMT-Master was produced in 1954. It was produced in the classic oyster steel and was 38mm. The previous year (1953), Rolex introduced the cyclops on the Datejust line (the cyclops is the magnifier bubble over the date). The cyclops was added to the GMT-Master on its original model. New to Rolex was the duel timezone feature complication. The idea of having a watch that can tell duel time zones was especially useful for commercial pilots. The airline Pan-Am commissioned the first watch and are credited with commissioning the project. Rolex became the official timepiece of the airline.

Although this watch was originally developed as a ‘work watch’ Rolex has made many luxury versions over the years including precious metals and stones. However, the watch may be best enjoyed in its original form (depending on who you ask of course).


Model Reference: 116710LN
Case Diameter: 40 mm
Dial: Black Case Material: Steel
Case-back: Solid
Movement: Automatic
Functions: Date, Hour, Minute, Rotating rehaut, Seconds, GMT timekeeping; green center hand indicates a second-time zone.
Bracelet: Stainless Steel Oyster

PRICE = $12,950

This watch really is something special from Previously Enjoyed – in todays market finding a stainless steel Rolex is like locating a unicorn. So, if we are looking, we need to be selective on what we look for. It seems like the most basic models of the top brands are the watches people are looking for the most. Therefore the market fore these watches has been on the rise for years now. Simple stainless steel watches with little or no complications are what everyone wants. No crazy colours (except for the Patek and Tiffany Co Nautilus that sold for 5.35M – Retail price being 56K). Basics styles are classic styles have been known to grow in popularity and value in the market. I love the simplicity of this Rolex. The extra hand (used to tell the second time zone), is the only colour used. Its a beautiful green and gives the watch just a small buzz of excitement. But, I think this watch is more understated than anything. It’s subtle, cool, classic, and timeless. Owning this watch says, you know your stuff about watches.

I want to add my thoughts on the GMT II bezel. Of course, everyone will have a different opinion on how things look, but here is mine for what’s its worth. I wear a Rolex Submariner frequently and I’m used the bezel, its numbered 10, 20, 30, 40. Nothing much to it, however, this subtleties let you know the Submariner model watch does “things”. The GMT-II dial is quite a bit different and has much more going on. Its number 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22. These numbers are used to tell time for the second time zone your tracking. It seems like Rolex really jammed a lot of numbers onto the bezel, right? It’s probably shuddered and looks awful, right? But alas, this is Rolex we are talking about. The font spacing and typeography are immaculate and the dial looks amazing. The dial certainly gives the watch an impression of being more than just a regular watch (which is true of course). Its speaks to its roots of being a work watch, with a lot of style to go along with it.

Wearing this watch was easy. My wrist size is just under 7 inches. This 40mm watch fits comfortably without any discomfort. I found myself really enjoying the look of watch on my wrist. It felt different then what I’m used to wearing and I just love the details on the bezel. I know many people lust of the Pepsi and the Batman, but this simple black is a very understated choice.

Whether your a collector or buying your first watch, this Rolex GMT Master II from Previously Enjoyed is a great choice. Stainless steel and a Rolex are 2 of the hottest things to look for in todays market. Other than the Patek and Tiffany Co watch that sold this past week for 5.35M of course, but that’s another story ­čĄ» In case I got your attention Previously Enjoyed DOES have a Patek Phillip & Tiffany and CO Nautilus for sale CLICK HERE FOR THAT

The watch market is crazy right now. I hope you’re watching closely, reading lots and following the market. It’s interesting and intriguing all at the same time.

For all the details on this beautiful Rolex GMT Master II from Previously Enjoyed, please click HERE.

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