One of the most illustrated names in luxury, is unquestionably, Rolex. The sky is the limit within the Rolex brand and prices can get crazy real quick. Its important to remember that Rolex also has a great selection of watches for under 10K. My personal favourite has always been the Explorer I. Its simplicity is so understated and I don’t think this model gets the respect is deserves. Previously Enjoyed has me testing out a Rolex Exporer… with a twist 💚.

The Rolex Explorer launched in 1953 and had a black face with large numbers at the 3,6,9. This simplistic design was to make it easy to accurately tell the time whatever the situation.

The First Rolex Explorer – 1953

The hour markers on the Explorer illuminates blue in the dark and continue to make this watch easy to read day or night. The Explorer is also made from Oystersteel, an alloy mostly found in aerospace. This type of steel is extremely durable and will keep your watch safe for many years to come.

Previously Enjoyed has taken this watch and added an extra punch! The watch has been coated in black DLC and stunning green accents have been added. Thus, nicknaming the watch “The Green Goblin”. I love that the modifications didn’t take away from the overall aesthetic of the model. It maintains the minimalistic design and maybe even makes the watch easier to read (if thats even possible), then before. With the base colour being black and the numbers and hands being green, your eyes are just drawn to the green.

I have been wearing the watch now for about a week and I like it more everyday. DLC coating isn’t for everyone, but for me, I LOVE it! One of my first watches I purchaed was a Cartier Santos 100 in DLC with Rose Gold. I just loved the way the rose gold popped on the black.

I feel like I’m getting the same vibes from this Rolex Explorer “Green Goblin’ from Previously Enjoyed. Lets check out the specs;

  • Brand – Rolex
  • Series – Explorer
  • Model number -214270
  • SKU – 5E3W2E
  • Bracelet – Stainless Steel
  • Water resistant  – 330 Feet / 600 Meters
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel/DLC
  • Case Diameter – 39mm
  • Self-Winding Automatic
  • Case Back – Solid
  • Dial Color – black

Price – $9,959

Case diameter is 39mm and just 11mm thick. It’s light on the wrist and very comfortable to wear. It has the folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Rolex Glidelock extension system. The extension system is so brilliant. It’s designed so the watch can easily be resized without having to take out links. For example, If a scuba diver was going to wear their watch on top of his/her wetsuit it could size up enough with the gridlock system to be worn over the wetsuit without adding any links. I don’t scubadive but this system can be extremely useful, metal bands can become snug (too much sushi for dinner), or too loose (temperature getting colder), this quick adjustment with the gridlock system enables you to adjust the size so the fit is just right, whatever the occasion/situation.

Overall, I would have to say this watches cool factor is tip top. You are purchasing a Rolex that’s been customized and different from others on the market. Guaranteed quality with Rolex and totally customized by Previously Enjoyed to add that extra wow factor. Check out all the details and everything else my friends a Beverly Hills Watch have available here

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